Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Metaphors are used to make sense of the world and to relate to different experiences one has had or may have. Therefore, I created my own metaphor to help me understand what role the teacher portrays in a technology-mediated classroom. Technology within the classroom is a continuous yellow brick road. The role of the educator is to be a leader for students and guide their way along the path.

There were many things that influenced the decision for my metaphor. The teacher being the leader in the classroom is crucial. I believe that the goal of the teacher in a technology-integrated classroom is to keep the students focused,  make sure they do not go off track and monitor what material is being accessed. Allowing students to use technology gives them a chance to self-learn. In today’s society, new technologies are being produced at extremely fast rates. The leader has to be there to answer further questions, spark deeper thinking, and provide explanation for what is occurring or being learned. The educator is there to fill in the gaps. This is why I chose the quote in my previous post by Sir Peter Blake. Imagine what the world would be like if we depended on computers to teach us everything. Technology is always going to be there but the mind should not depend on it.


I thought that using the yellow brick road related to integrating technology after I discovered another blog that dissected the film The Wizard of Oz. It defined the Yellow Brick Road as the gold way or standard, composed of gold bricks. They also created a table which I found super accurate in relation to using technology in the classroom. I added a few things to better understand how I related it to my metaphor:

Each step you (Dorothy/Teacher) take on the yellow brick road, contained within it are three mini-steps. (Friends/Students):

Dorothy (Teacher) and the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Cowardly Lion (Students)   
Mini-step 1 Take step off The Yellow Brick Road Scarecrow Brain – make mistake
Mini-step 2 Realize that you’re stuck in the Woods Tin Man Heart – discover mistake
Mini-step 3 Redirect self back onto The Yellow Brick Road Cowardly Lion Courage – correct mistake
Equals One Step Taken Take a step forward on The Yellow Brick Road Dorothy You – acquire awareness

When using technology in the classroom, each student takes one step at a time when discovering and learning new things. As students’ progress, they begin to discover, correct and acquire awareness for any mistakes along the way. The role of the teacher is to lead the way and set goals for the students.

What would the characteristics of a teacher with leadership skills be?
The following are things I believe are essential for good leadership skills:

Continue thinking outside of their classrooms

Take risks within the classroom

Not be ashamed to say that they do not know something

Be confident in sharing what they do know

Once we can master the skills mentioned above, we can develop skills further so that as teachers, we can lead our students as well as colleagues in improving practice and collaborating more effectively. If education systems are becoming more and more technologically integrated, then it is important for future educators to know how to transmit any information being used in the classroom properly.


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