Lions & Tigers and Bears, Oh my!

People might think that an educator will become lost in a technologically integrated classroom. You may ask youself: Why do you need a teacher when the technology is capable of teaching the lesson for them? What does the educator do in this type of environment? Why would you need help being lead down a distinct path that seems to head in only one direction?

What the teacher is supposed to do in this type of environment is be the constructor, leader, repairer and protector along the brick road. All these things are essential to properly educate students so that they become aware of the dangers envolved in using technology, social media etc. Making sure everyone stays on the same path avoids students wandering off and going on inappropriate sites and becoming distracted. If cracks begin to form in the road (e.g. student has a hard time understanding), the teacher has to make sure they are able to fill those cracks and move forward. For a technologically-integrated classroom, it is the teacher’s duty to come up with appropriate content, diverse projects (differentiation), have engaging topics and be a good problem solver.


Having strong leaders assists the development and retention of students as well as influence their academic outomes. We must face the challenges the yellow brick road (technology) has to offer, much like Dorothy confronts her own challenges as she journeys down her own path (“lions and tigers and bears, oh my!”). If a teacher wants to integate technology in the classroom, they too have to do their homework before presenting it to the class. They have to be prepared to provide/find the answers to questions/problems that may arise along the way. There are many strategies a teacher can use to figure out how to include technology in their classroom. Below is a link written by Dave Guymon. It is a five step process to integrating technology within a classroom. I think he sums up the steps that have to be taken beforehand very well. 


The yellow brick road can be decieving. It may look simple and easy to follow but there are many challenges along the way. There can be many distracting things along the way such as meadows full of beautiful poppies. However, how can we let students explore the benefits of using technology in such a confined environment?


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