Infinity & Beyond

I described my view of integrating technology in a classroom as a yellow brick road. The teacher’s job is to build, support, protect and direct along the path each step of the way. There are many amazing things that can happen when using technology. I believe it is a nonstop learning experience for both teacher and students. It opens the door to new ways of thinking and gives students a chance to explore new ways of learning. For an educator, teaching a class how to use technology is a long challenging road to go down. The teacher has to be well informed of the resources they are using before presenting them to the class. The teacher can then use scaffolding to help students reach their zone of proximal development to better understand the advantages of using technology as a tool. Having strong leaders assists the development and engagement of students as well as influences their academic outcomes. I believe that the 10 commandments for teaching cyber ethics are essential to use in a classroom so that students are aware of the dangers that can arise by using the web and understand that technology needs to be used as a tool in an appropriate manner.



Nothing is perfect. Although I believe that the educator being the leader towards becoming more technologically aware/advanced is extremely important, there may be some limitations that occur within this metaphor. I have not yet had a significant amount of experience teaching students how to use technology therefore, I feel as though there might be some altercations that may come about. What if a student (like my niece) is so much more technologically advanced that the teacher has difficulty challenging them? Is it hard to teach someone to use technology who has not yet had a chance to experience it? Such as a family who does not have a computer in their home. Are children who have not experienced using electronic devices more afraid to move to that particular stage in their development than those who have? The teacher has to think of so many things before deciding which aspects of technology to incorporate within the classroom. When I teach, I definitely want to incorporate resources such as the web, games and blogs. I want my students to be inspired and feel as though they are making a difference both for themselves and for the people around them, just like in the Freedom Writers clip. I am a big supporter of students having the freedom to explore within limits. I want my students to be able to explore/experience the technological resources availible to them within certain boundaries (for their own safety).


This metaphor continues to reveal itself as students and teacher learn how to use and integrate technology in their daily lives. I think I will have more answers to these questions when I myself have acquired more experience as a practitioner and there will definitely be more questions that will surface along my journey as a practitioner.


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